All Stars Music


All Stars Music is providing a 360-degree service about music, based in Turkey, operates in MENA region and Balkans. While representing the world’s No. 1 music publishing company, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, we deliver tailor made audio and audiovisual production and distribution, artist-based project procurement and copyrights management.

All Stars Music is founded in 2016, by Mine Aksoy, the pioneer of music publishing in Turkey with a 20 years of experience, and Yasemen Yazıcıoğlu Korukçu, Senior Advisor of Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey. We are a full-service music publisher with its interests including not only a world-class roster of songs and songwriters, but an industry-leading synchronization and production music operation with the biggest production music library – EMI Production Music.  We are also representing the Turkish, Arabic and Greek authors’ work of art with the power of Sony/ATV Music Publishing and an experienced team in the industry.



To work with unique and diversified ways of embracing the different areas of music business which puts the artists in the center of its functions and to give the best service to its artists by prioritizing and developing the most innovative and value added collaborations both in offline and online worlds.


To enlarge the publishing and music content industry in Turkey and the MENA region by driving forward the power of the creators.